Josh Holman

Trying hard, race easy

  • Date of Birth: 09-10-1992
  • City: Ely
  • Profession: Process Technician
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About me

My name is Josh Holman. I am 25 years old and I compete in endurance sports, specialising in Long Distance Triathlon. I love the sport of triathlon, especially long distance, because it allows me to push my mind and body to new limits! What’s more, this is a sport which can be undertaken by anyone, no matter your age, ability or background. Triathlon has given me the opportunity to compete for Great Britain, something I am very proud of and I hope one day to make it my full time profession.

My Races

Date Event Discipline Time
14-07-2018 ITU World Long Distance Championships Triathlon 00:00:00
18-08-2018 Monster Middle Distance Triathlon Triathlon 00:00:00
07-10-2018 Chester Marathon Running 00:00:00

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