Reuben Tabner

Life is a voyage of discovery, so go somewhere interesting! There is no such word as can’t!

  • Date of Birth: 17-07-1980
  • City: Inverness
  • Profession: Commercial and Editorial Photographer
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About me

I'm an Adventure & Travel Photographer based in the Highlands of Scotland. I'm driven by a passion for the outdoors and endurance, particularly biking and running, more so in the mountains.

I love espresso and drink way too much. I’m married to my beautiful wife Katie, who inspires me as much as the mountains. I miss the mountains when I’m at sea, and the sea when I’m in the mountains. I love running in the winter, the crisp air hurts the lungs, but frees the mind. For me running and biking is one of my favourite ways to simultaneously unwind, get fit, think about stuff, forget about stuff, and enjoy the outdoors.

I've run in the Himalayas, competed in the infamous UTMB - TDS and Lakeland 50, run multi-day, hut-to-hut trips in the Alps, mountain biked for 24 hours during a Scottish winter - sometimes for work, always for fun! I love the sufferfest and I am always looking for the next adventure and challenge be it work, pleasure or a mix of both. I want to build on past adventures and share these journeys of discovery with family and friends, particularly my cocker spaniel puppy, Mera!

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