Yiannis Christodoulou

Believe in yourself and be proud. Don’t let anyone put you down and your hard work will pay off

  • Date of Birth: 30-08-1983
  • City: Canterbury
  • Profession: Performance Analyst
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About me

I first started running in 2012 and after watching the London Olympics, I was inspired to try a triathlon, after running was no longer challenging enough. In 2015 I was in the process of getting married but didn’t have the time to train for the triathlons so I decided to go into aquathlons, as I was quite a strong swimmer and runner.

This lead me to a journey in just three years of competing in aquathlon’s I have completed 28 races, been on the podium 19 times and won four races. This has included competing at 3 World Championships and 3 European Championships. I came 3rd in my age group in the European championships in 2016 and in the Nationals, last year I was 2nd at the nationals and I was Team Captain for the World Championships GB team.

My Races

Date Event Discipline Time
29-07-2018 Active Life LTD pier to pier 3K Swim Swimming 00:00:00
05-08-2018 Sporting events Aylesham 5K Running 00:00:00
15-08-2018 Ocean Lake Triathlon Aquathlon 00:00:00
18-08-2018 The Race Organiser London Aquathlon Aquathlon 00:00:00
16-09-2018 Tri Spirit Channel sprint Triathlon 00:00:00
23-09-2018 Hever Castle Sprint Triathlon Triathlon 00:00:00
14-10-2018 Tri Spirit Chilham Castle Challenge 5K Triathlon 00:00:00
24-10-2018 Ibiza ETU Aquathlon European Championships Aquathlon 00:00:00

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